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What's this app?

tripmate is a matching platform for people from different cultures to exchange unique local information about the world. Today it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to physically travel across borders. Our team developed tripmate to create a space where you can interact with people from all over the world from the your own home like a virtual travel. People's interests are not confined to their home countries. For example, we want to talk to people who live in the city where a world class sports team franchise is located as fans of the same team. Want to know about the secret beaches that only locals know about. What are the love affairs in other countries? Want to learn a language or culture, with tripmate you can talk with your "long-term friends" about local information about the world that can't find in the news or media! Come on, let's go on a cultural exchange!

Talk to people around the world on your favorite topics at Mateclub!

A new community feature we’ve dubbed Mateclub!You can create your own room and talk with people from all over the world on any topic you want.Create cool rooms and have fun with people from all over the world at the same time in a group chat! 🌎(This function is for Android only now)

Travel the world map from your home and interact with locals around the world!

In tripmate, the user is displayed above the world map. Choose the country you want to travel abroad, press the take-off button for your flight, and then fly to the country you want to visit and talk to people from different cultures there.The airport is in the palm of your hand.Enjoy your cross-cultural journey to the fullest. We are planning to add more information to the world map in the future.

Automatic translation for peace of mind. Communicate with video chat.

To help you with your cross-cultural exchange tripmate has video chat & automatic translation features.In the chat room, simply tap on the bubble of the other person and it will translate the message into your language. Video chat is also a great way to make long term friends who live in faraway places. With tripmate you can find out beforehand what other people's strongest interests and hobbies are. There are also plenty of conversation assistants to help you have local conversations.You will feel free to have fun with it.

The features of tripmate are completely free to start with. We have a "pay what you want, when you want" system!

Basically, it's completely free and you can use all the features! We will ask you from time to time about your satisfaction with the service. If you are satisfied, we can improve this service better if you can pay us any fee you want, whenever you want. We are on a mission to connect the unique and good people and things that are scattered around the world. Our vision is to make the world less fragmented and more connected for fun.The PWYW method has three different prices, each with a little play on the numbers of the world's population, number of languages and number of countries.

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